A Scarcely-Clad Bride? Not At This “Pakistani Fusion Destination Wedding”

A Scarcely-Clad Bride? Not At This “Pakistani Fusion Destination Wedding”

My friend Shereen got me all excited when she told me that some of the photos I took at her and Dave’s wedding were being featured in a blog called The Scarcely-Clad Bride.

Then I learned that the blog’s real title is The Sari-Clad Bride and that it features wedding photography of Indian and Pakistani brides in colorful dresses.

I also remembered that I never took any compromising photos of her and that she, indeed, was wearing a sari on her special day.

I am not a wedding photographer (or a big fan of weddings, for that matter) but was all too happy to help out at this destination wedding in the Dominican Republic in January 2010. It also made a lot of sense: I was already there as guest, brought my camera and wouldn’t have to think anymore about getting them a real present.

It was my first time taking photos in a tropical destination. However, bright sunlight as well as the natural beauty of location and couple did all the work and now I am Big in South Asia! Thanks for the opportunity, Shereen & Dave, it was a lot of fun!

Below you find my favorite shot from that vacation. I call it “Feathers and Birdies.” (None of the people in the photo are Shereen or Dave.)

"Feathers and Birdies." Living the Tropical Dream.


More Feathers.


More Birdies. And Then Some.

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